Welcome to the official website of Prayer and Life Workshops (PLW) in Ontario, Canada! Here you will find information about where are Workshops offered (parishes, schools, etc.), how to request to open a Workshop for your parish, group or organization, as well as news and basic information about what are the Prayer and Life Workshops.


Origins and Mission of PLW: A New Evangelization


In summary, the Workshops were founded in Chile in 1984 under the name Talleres de Oración y Vida. Our founder, Father Ignacio Larrañaga OFM Cap (1928-2013), built our organization to include only laywomen and laymen, simple people from the pews that assume the vocation to teach fellow men and women to pray deeply and to live a new evangelization. The main mean by which we pursue our mission is by offering Prayer and Life Workshops. We also offer retreats and talks.


Workshops and Retreats


The Workshops and retreats from PLW are eminently practical and contemplative. By participating in a Workshop or by reading the material from Father Ignacio, you will find that PLW has a strong Carmelitian component, but also Jesuit and Franciscan. For PLW, prayer is "a personal contact with the God who loves us; a growth in the profound and intimate intersubjectivity in and with the Lord who offers himself as a lifelong companion." (Sensing Your Hidden Presence, Father Ignacio Larrañaga).


PLW in the World


Thousands of persons have lived the Workshops in many countries around the world; we find that the witness of those who finish a Workshop is telling. We encourage you to join a Workshop! We hope to see you at one of the opening sessions across the Greater Toronto Area. Finally, PLW has ecclesial approval from the Holy See, and it is listed as a Lay Association in the Archdiocese of Toronto.


Social Media


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