Frequently Asked Questions

Are PLW approved by the Catholic Church?


Yes. PLW is a Private International Association of Laymen, of Pontifical Law, with a Judicial Personality, since 1997, confirmed by the Holy See, with an official decree from the Pontifical Council for the Laity, dated October 4, 2002. A brief description of PLW can be found at the Pontifical Council's website (here). PLW International presents the details of this decree in their website and a thorough description of the association and the Workshops: In the Archdiocese of Toronto, TOV is registered as a Lay Association.


For PLW, what is prayer?


Prayer is "a personal contact with the God who loves us; a growth in the profound and intimate intersubjectivity in and with the Lord who offers himself as a lifelong companion." (Sensing Your Hidden Presence, Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga).


Are the Workshops based in the Bible?


Yes. The Workshop in its entirety is based in the Bible. In the sessions of a Workshop there is frequent use of the Bible, and participants use their Bibles at home in order to do their weekly practices.


How do I bring a Workshop to my Parish?


The opening of a Workshop has to be planned well in advance. Please, contact us by email to request a workshop. Thank you!


How much it costs to take a Workshop?


The service of a Workshop has no cost, but the participant must cover the material. This is an Encounter handbook, a songbook, a small folder, a printout with the "brief guidelines" and weekly printouts with the weekly practices. Currently, the Workshop material has a cost of $15 CAD per person.


Which are the books written by Father Ignacio?


The titles of the books by Father Ignacio include the following:

  • Come With Me
  • The Art of Being Happy
  • From Suffering to Peace
  • Journey Towards God
  • The Poor One of Nazareth
  • The Silence of Mary
  • The Rose and the Fire
  • The Forces of Decay
  • Brother Francis of Assisi
  • Sensing Your Hidden Presence
  • God Inside
  • Psalms for Life
  • The Sense of Life
  • The Happy Marriage
  • Transfiguration
  • Encounter